Gravity VFX Show & Tell Reel

The Visual Effects Oscar for Gravity is not just well-deserved, there was simply no other option in that category. But watching Framestore’s pretty nifty show & tell reel below you’ll realize why it was also absolutely right to hand out the Best Director Oscar to Alfonso Cuaron. It’s just mindboggling how he knew what he’ll get in the end and how everything will eventually fit together, when you see the actual photographed footage with all its long and complex camera moves and cameras and actors being steered by industrial robotic arms. It was a visionary approach to making that movie that fully payed off in the end… and for audiences it helped restore the awe and excitement, the magic and wonder of cinema that was lacking so much from movies in recent years.

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The 86th Academy Awards Title Cards

The Mill+ created the beautifully designed and animated title cards that struck us during this year’s Oscar telecast. Below is the Best Picture nominee announcement animation, but check out their blog for still images of all the title cards throughout the show.

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Oscar nominated Pictures in Motion Design

Simple, yet to the point….

Charlie Rose Oscars Special Opener from Al Boardman on Vimeo.

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little, red and fresh

Check out an excerpt from “The Little Red Paper Ship” our Award-Winning Animated Short Film directed by¬†Aleksandra Zareba.

The Little Red Paper Ship (Clip) from MovieBrats Films & Animation on Vimeo.

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History of Title Design

A far too unrecognized bit of the industry! Great Stuff.

A Brief History of Title Design from Ian Albinson on Vimeo.

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Steven Soderbergh: State of Cinema

This is a Must Watch! The full recording of Steven Soderbergh’s impassioned speech on the “State of Cinema” at the San Francisco International Film Festival 2013.

Can’t watch the video? IndieWire has the full transcript of the speech.

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So, this is it. The new MovieBrats blog… Welcome, y’all! This is the place where we’ll provide you with fresh and rich and funny insight into all things related to our daily work. Blabla…

We are still working on the looks and the …*cough* content thing, but nevermind, there’s plenty of exciting new things to discover on our new webpage. So head on over to and take a look around. And come back here when there’s more to see. But then, please come back often!

Yours truly,
the MovieBrats


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