Jurassic Park: ILM VFX Breakdown

Jurassic Park ILM VFX Breakdown

I have no clue from where this surfaced now, but it’s pretty impressive. I don’t know how they managed to create these digital effects in 1991/92 that they are still holding up today! Come to think of it: Back then my i486 PC was hardly able to run a 3D graphics videogame, and the very first version of Photoshop was just out for a year (naturally without most of the many powerful tools Photoshop is capable of today), and these guys at ILM make living, breathing (and eating) dinosaurs that move around in broad daylight across a theatre screen!┬áIncredible!

With the abundance of digital vfx nowadays, looking back at “Jurassic Park” one realizes that it was just the perfect balance between practical effects, puppetree and a mere 6 minutes of digital effects (out of a total of 15 minutes of on-screen dinosaurs) – and of course the filmmaking and storytelling talent of Spielberg and his understanding of handling all of these elements. Unfortunately the below video is only available in 360p but check it out anyways. After the break:

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