Only God Forgives VFX Reel

Visual Effects is not just about superheros, spaceships and greenscreen action scenes. As the below VFX reel for Nicolas Winding Refn’s arthouse revenge drama “Only God Forgives” demonstrates, it is first and foremost about getting the director’s vision across to tell the story. This can result in adding digital blood to the more gory scenes, but it can also mean to simply retouch a piece of the set or to remove dolly tracks. It’s mostly invisible effects that the viewer isn’t even aware of it being an effect at all. And thus, it is everything you wish for in a visual effect in the first place, isn’t it?

Dear indie and arthouse filmmakers, don’t simply put off visual effects on your next project, because you believe that your social drama or character-driven mood piece is “not that kind of movie”. Rather think about how you can utilize digital imaging and effects work to bring your vision onto the big screen and create the images that you actually have in mind.

Check out the video by VFX supervisor Martin Madsen (Warning: It gets quite gory at times):

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